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Family Mission

Family Mission is a new international project which the Lavrenchuk family has recently launched.


Currently there is a lot discussion on equality and tolerance, but it seems that the most common factor contributing to the success of our communities and happiness of our lives – Jesus Christ – has been overlooked.

The purpose of the family mission is to sustain God-given values, healthy Christian moral life and the concept of a Christian family. In other words, the family mission emphasises such a family model that is founded on the marriage between a man and a woman, and which enjoys the full blessing of God.

The Lavrenchuk family moved to Finland in summer 2007. They live in Liperi, North Karelia. Both parents are professional musicians. Father Igor is an accordion artist and a conductor. Mother Svetlana is a concert pianist and a choir conductor. Music has also played an important part in the children’s’ lives from the very beginning.

Right after their immigration to Finland, the Lavrenchuks formed a Christian family orchestra, which has continuously increased as the children grow older and each of them finds his/her own musical inclination.

Alongside their parents, four of the six children are currently performing in concerts. The firstborn, Seva, is already a professional musician. He plays the trumpet and also moderates concerts and other musical events.

Two of the daughters, Anastasia and Alona sing and play their own instruments. Anastasia plays the piano and Alona the violin. Moreover, Svyatoslav, still a small boy, plays the drums. Time will tell which instruments the smallest ones Maria-Kristina and Elisa-Liel will choose for themselves.

But as me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

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