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Our family ensemble – Nastja, Alona, Seva, Svetlana and Igor – performs various Finnish, Jewish and Russian songs and classical instrumental pieces, but the theme always remains spiritual. The broad repertoire enables us to compile different programs with variable casts,

1. Instrumental duet: Seva (trumpet) and Igor (button accordion)

2. Instrumental trio: Seva (trumpet), Svetlana (piano), Igor (button accordion)

In winter 2009 they released an instrumental CD, which includes classic and christian music.

3. Song duet: Nastja and Alona (vocal) and Igor (button accordion)

4. Whole family ensemble: Nastja and Alona (vocal), Seva (trumpet), Svetlana (piano) and Igor (button accordion).

It is a pleasure to listen to the music of the Lavrenchuk family, and the message passing through its melodies can reach every listener.

If you need live music at ceremonies, congregations or other events, you can invite the Lavrenchuk family to perform and invigorate your events.

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